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Maritime English Course (Курс по морски английски език каталожен номер 22103)

Автор: E Gech, Emiliya Gechevska, Емилия Гечевска Категория: Речници, Разговорници, Граматики, Справочници, Чуждоезиково обучение, Карти Издателство: Език: Английски Корица: Мека корица Състояние: нова Формат: 60/90/16 Наличност: 3 бр. Година: 2017 Страници: 176
The book "Maritime English Course" (MEC) is an English language instruction designed to help everyone who is studying for a professional qualification related to seaborne trade, cargo work and cargo-handling technologies.
With MEC, the non-native English speakers who work or want to work at sea, at port or at a shipping or logistics company where the working language is English, will get in touch with a large volume of job-related vocabulary, specific grammatical issues and various exercises aimed at developing the basic language skills.

E. Gech is the pen name of the author of the book “Maritime English Course”-Pre-intermediate. It is abbreviated from Emiliya Gechevska, the real name of the author.
She has many years of experience in teaching maritime English at the Naval Academy and the Technical University in Varna, Bulgaria.

E. Gech has worked as a chief specialist in “Registration and Qualification of Seafarers” department at Varna Maritime Administration and as a coordinator and translator at Twinning Project BG-01-TR01 – “Maritime Safety Institution Building” (2002-2004).

Apart from having a Teacher of English qualification, E. Gech holds an MSc degree in “Educational and Training Systems Design” from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Master thesis: Instructional Design Guidelines on Onboard Training Course on GMDSS

Freelance translator/interpreter: from Bulgarian into English and vice versa since 1994; from Dutch into Bulgarian/English and vice versa since 2013.